A complete back office and compliance solution for advisors

Simplify your processing and streamline your operations by eliminating manual paperwork and freeing up your time to focus on your clients

Enhance client relationships

Investing in a back office partner will help you create an efficient and effective system to manage your operations, allowing you to focus on building relationships with your clients and prospects.

Eliminate unnecessary busy work

By outsourcing many of the critically important but distracting functions necessary to provide an exceptional customer experience, we will help you eliminate unnecessary busy work that steals away your time.

How Artha Supports Your Business

Portfolio Management and Trading

Daily Position Reconciliation

Customize Index Strategies

Monitoring/building custom reports and billing schedules

Provide research and macro-economic content

Provide accounting and tax support

Provide compliance support

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Kevin Battista

VP of Product

Kevin leads Artha’s product, design, and SCRUM teams and his responsibilities include overseeing the strategic vision of Artha, the product roadmap, the end-to-end user experience, as well as the delivery cycles. With 12+ years of experience in product development and product design, Kevin has developed and implemented creative solutions that have solved countless problems within the FinTech community. He’s built software that’s used in the largest financial institutions in the U.S. and has successfully led teams through the product development lifecycle, resulting in multiple acquisitions and exits. Kevin has a B.S. in Finance and Information Technology from Virginia Tech and an MBA from Wake Forest University.

Natallia Sakharuk

VP of Quality Assurance

Natallia is the VP of Quality Assurance at Artha who leads with a commitment to elevating product and service quality across the organization. She possesses a deep understanding of quality methodologies, industry standards, and is recognized for her strategic vision, a data-driven approach to decision-making, and her unwavering dedication to upholding the highest standards of quality in all aspects of the business. With over 8 years of dynamic experience in QA, she successfully orchestrated quality initiatives in FinTech and Corporate Real Estate projects resulting in enhanced product reliability, reduced defects, and increased customer satisfaction. Natallia holds a B.S. in Economics & Logistics from Belarusian State Economic University, a B.A. in Foreign Language from Academy of Postgraduate Education, is certified by ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board), and she has continued to stay at the forefront of industry advancements by attending workshops, seminars, and conferences.

As a trusted leader, Natallia is poised to drive Artha’s quality assurance initiatives to new heights, ensuring a lasting impact on both customer satisfaction and business growth.

Alexandre Junges

VP of Engineering

Alexandre leads Artha’s development team, collaborating closely with developers and software engineers to architect and construct a robust application that aligns with business requirements, prioritizing security, performance, and scalability. A fervent technology enthusiast, Alexandre is committed to enriching lives through innovative solutions. With over a decade of experience in application development spanning diverse industries, he holds a B. Tech. in Analysis and Systems Development from Unisinos, a Project Specialization from UFRGS (both universities in Brazil), and he is a Certified Microsoft Professional.

Justin Lowry

President And Chief Investment Officer

Justin Lowry is the President and Chief Investment Officer of Global Beta Advisors. Justin’s responsibilities include the oversight of investment activity, market research, and product development at Global Beta Advisors. Justin joined the firm as an executive member upon its foundation. Prior to working at Global Beta Advisors, Justin worked at Oppenheimer Funds as Head of Research and Product Development for its Beta Solutions exchange-traded fund business from 2015 until 2017, which at the time, held over $2 billion in assets in the Revenue Shares ETF suite. One of the cornerstone ETFs in the business, RDIV, won the ETF Innovation “Smart Beta ETF of the Year” award (Click here for more information about the award, contestants, and its qualifications). From 2010 until 2015, Justin served as CIO for Index Management Solutions, a subsidiary of VTL Associates, where he served as a subadvisor, providing custom portfolio solutions, portfolio management, and trading services to many ETF issuers that summed to $2 billion in management. Those funds included the Revenue Shares ETFs, KraneShares China ETFs, and several ETF issuers who launched their funds through Exchange Traded Concepts. Prior to the inception of Index Management Solutions, Justin worked as an analyst at VTL Associates since 2008. Justin earned his B.S. in Business Management from Saint Joseph’s University.

Vince Lowry


Mr. Vincent Thomas Lowry, also known as Vince, is the Chief Executive Officer of Global Beta Advisors. Prior to founding Global Beta Advisors, Vince was a managing director with Citigroup’s Smith Barney consulting group from 1984 until 2004. Vince started VTL Associates in 2004. It was at VTL where Vince used his experience developing global assets allocation models to create a family of revenue weighted exchange traded funds in conjunction with Standard and Poor’s. In 2015, VTL merged with Oppenheimer Funds, and Vince was the lead portfolio manager until August 2017. Vince then founded Global Beta Advisors in 2017. Vince holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and earned his MBA from St. Joseph’s University.